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15 Best Foreplay Tips: What to Do, Types, and Techniques

Foreplay tips

Foreplay is one of the best tools that can keep the fire on in a relationship. But sadly not many are aware of its importance. Most people lack the faintest idea of how foreplay can do wonders for their sex life and bless them with a marvelous conjugal life. Here are fifteen best foreplay tips that can guide you in how to incorporate foreplay and enjoy a sex life at its best. 

1. Communication

Communication skills are not just highly demanded skills in the world of professionals, it is equally important for our bedroom activities. The right kind of communication at the right time would do wonders for you. Communication is essential for good sex, no matter what kind of sex you’re having. 

Being open and honest about your turn-ons and inviting your partner to do the same creates an erotic atmosphere that’s both sexy and trusting. For example, asking questions to understand the partner better. Ask your partner what turns them on. In case of any doubt or hesitation, just come right out and ask what your partner likes during sex.

2. Erotic messages

Sending erotic or naughty messages can actually play an important role in igniting the fire. You can sext throughout the day. Sexting gets the fires going so early that by the time you’re actually in bed, you’ll be RARING to go.

3. Make a clean surrounding  

This might sound like preaching to some, but having an untidy space can actually wear out your energy and bring in a gloomy mood. So, whether it’s your bedroom, car, or some other space, try to keep your surroundings clean; so as not to dampen the sexual experience. Decluttering may actually de-stress your overall mood. 

4. Avoid distractions

As you’re tidying up, Wright says you’ll want to nix any additional distractions that might take away from all that hot sex you’re about to have/are having. “When we’re distracted, our brake system gets activated which shuts off our ability to get turned on,” she explains. “When we remove distractions as best we can, we eliminate factors that could stop us from getting turned on, which is the primary point of foreplay.”

So please, silence your notifications, turn off the TV, and put away any work so the mood isn’t broken by the ping of a text or a commercial about antifungal cream.

5. Create a sex playlist 

Selecting the right music can make or break just about any situation, and foreplay is no exception. You can try a mix of a few genres that perfectly resonates with your sex mood and moves. Some people even create playlists that demonstrate the transition from one mood to another and also different types of touches. 

6. The right way of eye contact 

For some people, eye contact helps them feel connected, which is very much required to be turned on, while others stay away from the lingering gaze. Ask your partner about his or her preference before you make such a move. 

7. Mirror effect 

Similar to mutual masturbation, some sexologists are of the opinion that using a mirror to watch yourself and your partner is a great option for anyone who gets turned on by visuals. 

8. Lubes for a smooth ride 

Lubes are not just good for anal or intercourse, but they can actually be equally good for all types of sexual touch. They help in reducing the risk of chafing and make skin-to-skin contact feel far more sensual. While picking lubes, it is better to avoid silicone products. Water-based lubes are usually the best bet.

9. The importance of Body Mapping

Most folks have areas on their bodies that they love to be touched; while some other spots cause a negative reaction. Hence it is important that you understand these areas well. The act of caressing their body as you map, in itself, is exciting.

10. Extend the time of undressing each other 

Instead of just stripping down right away, slowly take off one after one clothing item. Try to maintain intervals of a few minutes in between each item and also try to wait for a while before you take off each others’ last clothing. Maintain focus on the different body parts that get exposed as you undress and try to play around them for a while.

11. The golden trick of taking a shower together 

People who have tried to have sex in the shower or in a jacuzzi or pool; would know that it’s nearly impossible to thrust while your body is submerged in liquid. This is exactly what helps in foreplay. All you need to do is keep the water temperature to a comfortable range so that you can stay in for a while without catching a cold, and have a great intimate time together.

12. Exciting lingeries or underwear always work  

There are numerous online portals available these days that offer a wide range of sexy lingeries and exciting underwear for everyone, and when you find the right fit, they can really drive your partner crazy. 

13. Appreciate it if you enjoy 

People get turned on by knowing their partner is having fun, too. Even the slightest signs of appreciation can make sex even more enjoyable. If you like how your partner’s calves feel, stroke them in appreciation; or if you like their butt, kiss it. 

14. No need to Rush

It is important to start off slowly and gently. This is especially true if there is a clitoris involved. As wonderful as the clit is, it can be easily overstimulated if you rush right to it. Direct stimulation of the clitoris can actually be painful. When playing with the clitoris during oral sex, it is advised to take it really slow around the sensitive areas of one’s genitals. When it comes to penises, going right for it might not cause pain, but it will certainly cause increased pleasure if you take your time getting to oral or hand sex. 

15. Bring small changes to your moves

You should always be looking to add new moves and mix things up. You may also try using some sex toys. Here is a guide on how to use anal toys during sex. Try to bring small changes to your oral sex moves as well. 

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