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Do Penis Pumps Work for ED? Usage & Benefits Explained

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Year after year, millions of men, whether young or older, complain about suffering from symptoms of sexual disorders. Of those symptoms, most men end up mentioning how they keep having difficulty achieving and maintaining firm or proper penile erections, which is necessary for intercourse or sufficient sexual pleasure. 

This sexual problem is more commonly termed as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. While some of the patients prefer to get medicinal or clinical help, others prefer to get non-pharmaceutical solutions to this medical concern. One such non-clinical solution to combat the recurring erection issues is the penis pump.    

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive device that is often found to be helpful for men suffering from symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is also called vacuum pumps, vacuum erection devices, and ED pumps. These are tube-shaped devices that can often help people achieve or maintain an erection. A penis pump consists of the following parts:  

  • A plastic tube that fits over the penis.
  • A hand or battery-powered pump that is attached to the tube.
  • A band that fits around the base of the penis once it is erect, which is known as a tension ring.

What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Penis pumps, or vacuum erection devices (VED), are supposed to help men in achieving or maintaining penile erections, by increasing blood flow to the penis. These devices use a vacuum to draw blood into the penis. This can often help people achieve or maintain an erection.

It should be noted here that penis pumps cannot permanently lengthen a penis, and can only help in achieving firm erections.

How do Penis Pumps Work?

A penis pump works by simply using a suction method to draw blood into the penis. It fills the blood vessels in the penis, causing the penis to go erect and harder. A constriction ring, also known as a cock ring, is usually placed around the base of the penis to help keep the blood in the penis and maintain the erection.

How to Use a Penis Pump? 

Operating a penis pump might seem quite complicated at the first go, but it turns much easier with the following simple steps in mind. 

  1. First of all, apply a water-based lubricant on the shaft and base of the penis. Lube reduces friction to prevent irritation, and also makes it easier to slip the pump off post usage. 
  2. Next comes the inserting of the penis into the plastic tube. This might require one to reposition the scrotum until it’s comfortably fitted. 
  3. Then, use the hand pump or electric pump attached to suction out the air and create a vacuum effect. Keep in mind: it’s a marathon, not a race—so build the pressure slowly.
  4. Most people get an erection in 30 seconds to seven minutes. Once you’re hard, hold the base of your penis firmly with one hand while you remove the tube, and then slip the constriction ring around the base of the penis to keep it hard. 

Note: In case someone is using penis pumps as part of some rehabilitation program rather than for sexual purposes, then he may simply skip this particular step.

  1. To reduce the risk of side effects, never use the pump or constriction ring for longer than 30 minutes.

Note: One may prefer to shave pubic hair near the penis, although not an absolute pre-requisite, it prevents pubic hair from getting caught in the ring, which obviously gets painful. 

Do Penis Pumps Work? 

Some experts have affirmed that penis pumps do help in achieving a firm and long-lasting erection. Studies suggest that penis pumps can also help preserve penis size and function and reduce shrinkage, following prostate cancer surgery.

A 2018 research says that penis pumps can help men with ED, to achieve an erection in up to 90% of cases. Approximately 77% of men with ED and their partners confirmed being much satisfied with the benefits of using a penis pump. 

For men with ED, penis pumps are much cheaper and safer options than others, when used correctly. People can also use them alongside ED medication, like Viagra.

Certain studies also show that, in combination with medications, penis pumps can help to preserve penis function and reduce shrinkage post a prostate cancer surgery.

It’s important to note that using a penis pump does not treat any underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, it just helps men to achieve a firm erection for a considerable duration to have successful intercourse. 

What are the Benefits of using Penis Pumps? 

A penis pump might be a good choice if an ED oral medicine causes side effects, or it does not work or is not safe for you. A pump might also be the right choice if you don’t want to try the other treatments. Penis pumps can be a good ED treatment because they:

  • Reports suggest that penis pumps can help most men to get an erection firm enough for sex. However, it takes practice and correct use. 
  • Devoid of side effects or complications, that are there in some of the oral ED medicines. 
  • Penis pumps tend to be a much low-cost ED treatment. 
  • These work externally and are perfect alternatives to surgery, or shots and medicines; that go into the tip of your penis. 
  • These devices can be used in combination with other treatments like medicines or a penile implant. A mix of ED treatments works best for some people. 
  • Might help with erection issues after going through certain surgical procedures. For example, these might help in restoring natural erection after prostate surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer. 

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

Penis pumps are usually considered to be safe for most men. But there are also chances that they might worsen existing penile conditions, like priapism. Further, in some cases, penis pumps can also cause blood clots, scarring, and other damage. However, these issues are very rare and are mostly caused due to improper use. 

One older study of 1,500 penis pump users showed that not a single participant reported any serious adverse effects. 

Some precautionary measures to minimize the risk of any negative side effects:

  • Consult a doctor to ensure the suitability of using a penis pump.
  • Follow the usage instructions carefully.
  • Consider applying a warm compress before sexual activity as the penis pump can make the penis colder to touch.
  • Follow a pattern of pumping three times and then pausing for 10 seconds until an erection is achieved. Pumping too fast may cause pain, bruising, and skin discoloration.

One might feel the pressure to achieve proper erections. However, he should never use tools like penis pumps under only peer pressure. Men should stop using these devices immediately, if in pain or extreme discomfort.

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