Erectile Dysfunction

5 Best Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Exercises for erectile dysfunction

What many people won’t know, is that it is perfectly possible to control the symptoms of erectile dysfunction with the help of some exercises. Daily exercise is extremely important for maintaining the health of the blood vessels and the heart; as people with cardiovascular disease have an increased risk of ED. Below are the top five types of exercises for erectile dysfunction problems. These are the best exercises for stronger erections.  

Top 5 Exercises that Help in ED Problems and help with Stronger Erections

1. Kegels or Pelvic Floor Muscle Training/ Exercises 

The exercise that tops the chart here is the ‘Kegels’. Apart from improving bladder control, Kegel exercises or pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) are known to target the bulbocavernosus muscle, which allows the penis a smoother blood flow and hence a firm erection. 

Additionally, Kegel exercises work on the pubococcygeus muscle. In case this muscle weakens, it is difficult to prevent the backflow of blood from an engorged or erect penis. 

Kegel Exercises


Hence these exercises are quite helpful for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and allow men to have a better sexual experience. Following are some important Kegels or pelvic floor muscle exercises to include on a daily basis: 

  • Gradual or slow Kegel 
  • Fast Kegel 
  • Sitting on a chair Squeezes
  • Lying on Your Back Squeezes Floor
  • Squeezes While Lying on Your Side–Floor
  • Quick flick Kegels
  • Heel slides
  • Marches or toe taps
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Diaphragmatic breathing

Kegels or pelvic muscle exercises might seem a bit hard to perform in the early stage, but with regular practice they become easy. Hence one should be patient with them. 

2. Jelqing Penis Stretching Exercise

Although not many men would like to admit that they have a desirable size for their penis, a survey shows that about 66% of men find their penis to be average while around 12% find it below average. 

Thankfully, there are a few exercises, that one may try in the comforts of their home, and help themselves in having better sizes for their penis. They are the jelqing penis stretching exercises

Jelqing Penis Stretching Exercise


Jelqing is a penis stretching exercise that is one of the best exercises for stronger erections. It is a solo stretching exercise for penis enlargement and blood flow. It involves a way of massaging tissues of a semi-erect penis and stretching the skin, so as to create ‘micro-tears’ that make the penis look engorged; post they heal. 

Hence, they help you increase the girth of your penis, increase the length of your penis when you’re flaccid and erect, and make your penile erections last longer and harder. 

3. Aerobic Exercises 

As per a study conducted in 2018, the impact of physical activity or aerobic exercises, to be more specific; on erectile dysfunction is proven to be quite high. Of course, such activities should be practiced at least four times a week. Exercises should last at least 40 minutes and you should maintain a steady routine of exercise for at least six months to see improvements with ED. 

Aerobic Exercises


Not only can these exercises help with erectile dysfunction and poor blood flow, but they can also help with the other factors that increase the risk of developing these problems. Some examples of aerobic exercises include:

  • Cycling
  • Spin classes
  • Boxing
  • Rowing
  • Swimming 
  • Running
  • Skipping 

One might combine aerobic exercises with some other activities on alternating days. It is also important to take enough rest in between the sessions and not to go overboard with straining the muscles beyond what is required. 

4. Pilates 

Practicing regular pilates exercises is also a great way to combat symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Below are some of the most useful pilates that one may try to improve his erection issues. 

(a) Knee fallouts

Knee fallouts can be one of the best pilates exercises to go for, in order to Increase Penile Blood Flow. These pilates exercises activate the right group of muscles and challenge a person to maintain pelvic floor strength while moving. Doing these exercises regularly would offer much stronger deep abdominal muscles, improved pelvic floor stability, reduced low back pain, better core strength, and improved blood flow to the male genital area. 

Knee Fallout


(b) Supine foot raises

Supine foot raises are known to increase the strength of abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, along with the muscles in the legs. This is a very simple exercise, that one may easily do by following a few easy steps. 

Supine Foot Raises


(c) Classic Bridge Exercise or Pelvic curl

Pelvic curl is a popular pilates exercise, that is used to warm up abdominal muscles and the spine. This exercise can lengthen hip flexors, strengthen abs and hamstrings, and improve spinal articulation. Pelvic curls also improve blood flow to the genital area. One may start with three to four reps, but aim for ten and get more practice. 

Classic Bridge Exercise or Pelvic curl


5. Squats

The squat is one of the perfect exercises to increase blood flow towards the groin and pelvic area. Hence, one should try to include squats along with a few different variations in the daily routine. As a compound exercise, a squat activates different muscle groups such as the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, groin, calves, and hip flexors. 



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