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10 Interesting Foreplay Ideas for Men and Women

Foreplay Ideas

Foreplay plays a crucial role in maintaining that zing between a couple, as a monotonous routine of regular sex might bring down utter boredom over them, and thereby spoil the relationship in the long run. Here are some interesting foreplay ideas that can be followed by men and women in order to keep up the spark between them. 

Foreplay Ideas for Women

1. Dirty Talks Always Works

There’s nothing more seductive than whispering dirty talks into his ears. Whispering dirty to your man would get his mind and pulse racing. Simply whispering a phrase or a raunchy expression can really send his arousal to new heights.

You may say things like how you would want him to touch you or where you want his hands, or what you want to do to him or what you are wanting to do to him or just let him know what your body feels like.

2.  Lingerie Shopping can actually Excite Him

Picking lingerie that would look sexy on you, is not the same as letting him pick it, as his choice would reflect his fantasy. Making your partner do the lingerie shopping for you, ensures that he gets the look he secretly craves for, and which again generates a fair amount of foreplay heat. To heat it up even more, you too can pick something exciting for him to wear as well. 

3. Teasing All Day Long 

Make it a point to tease him throughout the day. So that by the time you and him get together privately, he’ll barely be able to resist himself. 

You can simply send him some raunchy messages while he’s at work, or drop by on his lunch break and kiss him passionately, and let him know how much you are craving for him. Anything that can be construed as sexual should work. 

4. Little Trick by a Little Dress 

Not just exciting lingerie, you can play the trick with a short dress as well. Make sure you pick up a jaw-dropping sensual dress that would spin his mind like anything. 

5. Do Not Limit it to the Bedroom 

Trying foreplay at other places beyond the bedroom or even outside the home can be super exciting, and if there’s a fear of getting caught, it becomes even more thrilling. It’s not even a bad idea to plan for an overnight stay in a cheap hotel room just for fun. Getting out of your typical surroundings can bring out a new side of your sexuality as well as his.

Foreplay Ideas for Men

6. Buy Some New Toys

There is a wide range of interesting options when it comes to adult toys or sex toys. Whether it is the vibrating rabbits for clitoral stimulation or pulsing rings that turn a penis into a vibrating tool of its own, the options are endless and can produce huge excitement in one another. 

7. Bringing Changes to Old Techniques 

Stop following the age-old traditional techniques, and pack the old wine in a new bottle. Find new ways of approaching or touching your partner, and simultaneously understand your partner’s responses to each touch in order to figure out which technique excites her the most. Different things that you may add to your touch are:

  • Nibble
  • Bite
  • Kiss
  • Lick
  • Tickle
  • Caress
  • Breathe heavy

8. Make foreplay an all-day event

Foreplay doesn’t need to be limited to the bedroom. Whether it is sending sexy texts all day long or bombing sudden kisses during household chores, the more you do it the greater becomes the yearning.

9. Do the unexpected

Do what you did never before. Like, why keep sex as a night thing? Rather, try a session as first thing in the morning. Prepare a fresh sex playlist. Surprise your partner with new positions.

10. Act out a fantasy or role play 

There is nothing more satisfying than acting out one’s sexual fantasies. Jot down your partner’s fantasies, and plan your own ways of enacting them. Then choose one randomly and act it out. Initially, it might feel a little cheesy, but awkwardness might just steam up in about a minute or two, post which you would find yourself really deep into the character you have taken up. 

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