Erectile Dysfunction

7 Best Fruits for Erectile Dysfunction

Fruits for erectile dysfunction

Fruits are always loaded with multiple nutrients, especially the much-needed micronutrients, fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals. They easily supply us with antioxidants, including flavonoids, that are highly crucial for overall well-being. Including fruits in the daily diet can reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease, cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and many other issues.

Interestingly, there are some fruits that can also help people in having a better sex life. Yes, you read it right. Here are some easily available fruits that are highly nutritious and are capable of boosting your sexual wellness.   

7 Natural Fruits for Erectile Dysfunction that makes you Last Longer in Bed

1. Watermelon 

Watermelon is known to be one of the richest natural sources of L-citrulline, a non-essential amino acid; that our body converts to L-arginine, and it’s the L-arginine that is extremely helpful for a strong penile erection. Like any of those ‘blue pills’, L-arginine is capable of inducing the production of nitric oxide, which again increases the blood flow to the penile region, thereby giving hard erections.

This juicy fruit serves you with plenty of an amino acid called citrulline; that your body turns into arginine, another amino acid that helps to relax your blood vessels. This boosts the blood pumping in your sex organs in the same way Viagra works to treat erectile dysfunction.

2. Grapefruits 

Pink grapefruits are rich in lycopene, which is a phytonutrient. It can improve blood circulation to your sexual organs.

3. Apples 

Apples have high levels of quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid that has been found to play a role in improving endurance. Since a body experiences almost the same physical changes during sex, as it does during exercise like an elevated heart rate, increased metabolism, burned calories, and muscle contractions, you can compare the gained endurance with extending your time in bed.

4. Bananas 

The sexual innuendo of bananas may actually have some real basis. This fruit is supposed to be full of simple carbs to provide you with high energy in order to help you keep going. 

Bananas are also full of potassium (about 9% of your DV), which is a muscle-relaxing mineral that can help reduce cramps and muscle spasms that would impede your sexy time. 

In addition to this, the American Heart Association says that potassium can help lower blood pressure, which can boost sexual performance by ensuring proper blood flow to certain parts of the body, including the genitals.

5. Berries 

Being loaded with anthocyanins and flavanones, berries can treat erectile dysfunction. Blackberries and other berries are rich in anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid (antioxidant), and boost the production of nitric oxide; both of which eventually help in erectile dysfunction. Similarly, strawberries and blueberries are also helpful in regard to having a healthy sex life. 

6. Avocados

It is packed with heart-healthy fats and fiber that can deliver lasting energy in the bedroom. Avocados are rich in stress-relieving B vitamins and are also a source of monounsaturated fat, which has been shown to aid blood flow to the entire body, including the penis.

7. Pomegranate 

It is rich in antioxidants that support blood flow and raise testosterone levels, which can help improve erectile dysfunction. They are packed with circulation-boosting antioxidants. Like flavonols, the antioxidants in pomegranates help protect nitric oxide from being destroyed in times of oxidative stress.

Preventive Measures 

  • A healthy balanced diet 
  • Exercise regularly for the physical fitness 
  • Staying away from too much junk foods 
  • Avoid alcohol or any other substance abuse 
  • No Smoking 
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Try to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Half the battle is won if you have your partner by your side. 

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