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How to Ejaculate More Semen or Increase Semen Volume?

Sexual wellness is one of the least discussed health issues. Although there are some who are much more conscious and keep themselves well-aware, most people across the world shy away from having an open talk about their sexual well-being and even continue to suffer in silence. But all they need to understand is that help is always there for those who know to ask for it. 

Among the many sexual problems prevailing in the current world, a lower amount of semen or low sperm count is definitely one to mention as a very sensitive issue. This is one of the reasons for many couples remaining childless. But to their respite, there are ways in which men can improve their semen volume. Let us have an in-depth discussion on this issue.  

What is Semen?

Semen is a whitish, protein-rich fluid, having sperms. The whitish fluid nourishes and supports the sperm so they can live after ejaculation for a limited time.

How much Semen does a man Ejaculate and what is Normal Semen volume?

A 2010 study by the World Health Organization (WHO), analyzed semen volume from across the world, taking the range of semen volume between 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters, and the average being between 3 and 5 milliliters. It is important to note here that the amount of semen produced changes as men grow older; while the peak semen volume is produced between ages 30 to 35 years, and starts decreasing on and from 55 years of age.

Most men mistake an increased semen volume for increased fertility. Sperm occupies about 1% to 10% of semen. The proportion of sperm might increase with prolonged abstinence from sex or masturbation. 

How to check or know about the Semen Volume?

Usually, most of you have no idea about your semen, sperm, or allied reproductive health issues. You should see a fertility expert when you notice your effort to make your female partner pregnant is not fruitful, and have a semen analysis.

Now, more semen is considered to be good for fertility, as it tends to offer a better sperm count. Hence, it is quite natural that a lot of men would wish they could produce more semen. Here are some simple and easy ways to boost your semen production: 

How To Increase Semen Volume?

The volume of your semen completely depends on your lifestyle and diet. A few changes in your lifestyle habits can help you enhance your seminal fluid. Here are some effective steps to increase your semen volume:

#1 Drink enough water 

Like other bodily fluids, the semen production in the testicles also, to a great extent, depends on how much water a man is drinking. Lack of water or dehydration can result in reduced semen volume. 

Hence a man should consume a considerable amount of water every day. As per health experts, one should drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every day. In case there is rigorous outdoor work or too much sweating, then one must drink even more water. 

Apart from water intake, one may also take homemade fruit juices to stay well hydrated. Speaking of which, pineapple juice is supposed to be great for increasing semen production in men. At the same time, you must avoid certain foods including soft drinks, energy drinks, and other drinks that have caffeine in them since they result in dehydration. 

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#2 Daily Exercise

Lifestyle is one of the most important factors that affect the overall well-being of a person, including the semen volume in a male body. Exercise increases the blood flow and nutrient supply to different parts of our body, including our reproductive organs. Hence, a daily regime of exercise can help a man boost his semen production. 

Apart from morning walk/jogging, men should focus on strength training to increase testosterone levels. Strength training not only increases testosterone but also enhances blood flow to the testicles. It is better to make sure that men follow workout sessions for at least 4 to 5 days a week, including some pelvic floor muscle exercises that they can try at home. 

Exercises such as squats, leg presses, lunges, kegels, or jelqing penis stretching exercises, and so on, flush the testicles with fresh blood that brings a lot of minerals and nutrients with it. These nutrients and minerals are required by your testicles to produce more semen. It should be noted here that many guys in the gym tend to skip their legs workout. They must never skip leg workouts if they aim to increase their semen production. 

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#3 Loose comfortable undergarments 

Tight outfits and undergarments increase the body temperature, including the area around the testicles. Extreme heat is not good for male reproductive health as it lowers the level of testosterone, the male sexual hormone responsible for good semen and sperm health. Tight undergarments are not so suitable for increasing semen production.

This is because they can make your testicles cling closer to the body resulting in increased scrotal temperature which affects the semen production and sperm count negatively. 

To keep the testicles cool, a man must avoid wearing tight undergarments and prefer to put on loose ones. Hence it is best to wear loose and cool boxers in place of tight underpants. 

#4 Increase intake of foods rich in zinc  

Zinc is an essential mineral for sufficient semen production. If a semen analysis report reveals poor semen and sperm health, then the patient should make sure to include more and more zinc-rich food items in his regular diet. It will help to increase testosterone levels and semen volume. In order to have enough zinc, one can eat oysters, lamb, lean beef, and allied animal and plant-based sources. 

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#5 Cut Alcohol Consumption 

Alcohol affects liver function and it can raise estrogen levels in a male body dramatically. This tends to lower your testosterone and thus, you must avoid drinking alcohol. For further guidance, read How Does Alcohol Affect a Men Sexually?

#6 Semen volume enhancer pills based on natural herbs 

As per the available studies, herbs are better to cure most health issues in comparison with medicines. Natural semen enhancement pills are becoming very popular among men who are seeking sexual enhancement. These pills happen to be a mix of natural ingredients, including herbs, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that claim to produce up to 500% more semen within a few months.

Such pills also claim to boost libido or sexual desire. Further, these pills are also supposed to get a man harder and stiffer erections too, since they supposedly increase blood flow to the penis.

One may consult a herbalist, ayurvedic expert, or traditional medicine expert before taking herbal supplements to boost the seminal fluid. Further, they can also refer to a licensed doctor for a cross-consultation, just to make sure if such pills would interact with any of their existing medicines.   

#7 Have Less Sex

Although not many people approve of this, abstaining from sex for a few days can be great for pushing both semen volume and consistency. Just about two or three days are more than enough to notice a difference in the semen volume and density.

Likewise, one must also avoid masturbating if he wants to increase the semen volume. For further guidance, read ‘Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone Levels?’, and ‘What Happens if a Man is not Sexually Active?’.

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