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20 Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina in Men

How to Increase Sexual Stamina for Men

Among the most common sexual problems that are prevailing across the world, a lack of sexual stamina is definitely a major one. Be it the daily demanding routine, lack of proper nutrition, or some medical condition, people often find a lack of enough sexual drive or stamina, even if they want to enjoy a much more active sex life. So here we present to you, some of the ways to bring back that much-needed sexual stamina, that you have been missing for quite a long time. 

20 Effective Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina 

#1 Keeping a Check on Cardiovascular Health 

Two of the most fundamental physical parameters that are required for erections to happen are nothing but consistent blood flow and good heart health. In case your stamina in bed, is bothering you, it is time that you have to talk to your general physician about your cardiovascular health. 

It is important that you get a check on your blood pressure, lipoprotein profile (cholesterol level) and blood glucose level to confirm if there are any signs of heart disease, diabetes or any other medical conditions that could affect your blood flow and cardiovascular function.

If required, you might have to get certain prescription drugs or/and make some changes to your daily habits and lifestyle; so as to improve your heart function and promote optimal sexual performance. For some further information, read Everything about Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

#2 Cardiovascular Exercises for Overall Fitness  

It is already known to us that sex is a mild to moderate form of cardiovascular exercise. Hence, anything that supports and improves heart health, becomes advantageous for sexual stamina and performance.

One of the primary benefits of regular exercise that we get is the boosting of blood flow, which is essential for firm erections and optimal sexual function in men. Hence it is important to include some amount of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week

You may include a couple of activities like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.; in case hitting a public gym is not your thing. For further understanding, read Cardio for Erectile Dysfunction: What’s the Relation? or you may even consult a fitness trainer.

#3 Muscle Strength Training especially Pelvic Floor Muscles 

Although cardiovascular fitness has the most impact on our stamina, it is also important to work on our muscle strength and conditioning. Stronger muscles and joints are two important prerequisites of great sexual performance. 

Pelvic floor exercises, or kegel exercises, are exercises that train the muscles that extend from your pubic bone across to your tailbone. These muscles are involved in controlling urination, as well as certain aspects of the ejaculatory process. 

Some research says that pelvic floor exercises can increase sexual stamina in men who are affected by premature ejaculation. Further, there is some evidence saying that pelvic floor exercises might help to improve erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction.

#4 Balanced Diet and Including Foods with L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that is found in protein-rich foods, including fish, poultry, red meat, dairy products, etc. Our body converts L-arginine into a chemical molecule called nitric oxide, which plays an important role in opening of blood vessels and promoting blood flow throughout your body. Hence, it is often viewed as a natural compound for improving erectile function and sexual performance. 

Foods like watermelons, figs, bananas, and avocados, are considered libido-boosting foods or aphrodisiacs. They are known to be rich in important vitamins and minerals that can increase blood flow to the genitals and promote a healthy sex life. 

  • Loaded with heart-healthy fats, vitamin B6, and folic acid, avocados are energy boosters. Vitamin B6 is known to help hormone production in men, which is key for a strong sex drive. 
  • Black raspberries are rich in phytochemicals that may enhance both libido and sexual endurance. 
  • Pine nuts are loaded with arginine that is converted by the body into nitric oxide, which helps dilate the blood vessels. Further, eating pistachios and some other nuts may also cause men to experience firmer erections and increased blood flow to the penis.
  • Chocolate is known to release chemicals like serotonin, which can produce some aphrodisiac and mood-lifting effects. Serotonin may also be involved in the regulation of blood flow to the genital tissues, which could be responsible for some of its libido-boosting properties. 
  • Watermelon contains citrulline, which is converted into arginine in the body which relaxes blood vessels just as Viagra.
  • Olive oil boosts circulation to all areas of the body and hence improves one’s sexual performance. 
  • Broccoli is high in indole-3-carbinol, which helps to reduce estrogen levels, and hence, it can be a great libido booster in men. 
  • Garlic contains high levels of allicin, which acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow. However, further research is required to establish the efficiency.
  • Fenugreek is rumoured to help with sex drive, which helps maintain a normal testosterone level in healthy men.
  • A 2013 study from Malaysia found that consuming oysters increased sexual behaviour in mice when compared to controls. The researchers proposed that the high levels of zinc in oysters could contribute to their potential sexual benefits. Zinc is an essential mineral required for sex hormones, like testosterone, to function properly.

#5 Quality Sleep

Inadequate sleep might lead to a lot of health issues, including diabetes, obesity, depressed mood, anxiety, hypertension or high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Research also confirms a close association between improper sleep cycles and sexual performance issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.

For further understanding, you may read How does sleep deprivation affect your sex life?

#6 Caffeine Intake 

Although too much caffeine can cause anxiety, research performed using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggests that men who consume two to three cups of coffee per day are less likely to develop ED than their peers.

Well, nothing is beneficial if it goes overboard. One or two mugs of coffee are fine, as the long half-life of caffeine keeps you awake at night for some naughty sessions.

To understand the association between caffeine and sex, even further, you may like to read, How does Caffeine affect your sex life?  

#7 Limited Alcohol Consumption

While it is completely fine to have a couple of glasses of any type of alcohol, on a daily basis, excess drinking might have an adverse impact on our sexual stamina. Amidst the notion that alcohol slows down orgasm and ejaculation, research suggests that it is often a source of sexual performance problems, such as whiskey dick.

In a 2017 study of men with alcohol dependence, it was found that 72% of the men had one or more symptoms of sexual dysfunction, with premature ejaculation, low sex drive and erectile dysfunction as the most common.

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#8 Masturbating Before Sex

As a matter of fact, once you reach orgasm and ejaculate, it is normal to need a little extra time to recover before another session; which is your refractory period, and it can last for anywhere from just a few minutes to an entire day. So naturally if you often reach orgasm too early, you may want to try masturbating a few hours before sex to slow down orgasm and ejaculation during round two.

However, if you masturbate too close to sex you might get stuck in your refractory period, which would make it difficult for you to get hard for your partner.

#9 Quit Smoking

Smoking has a wide range of side effects on numerous aspects of our health, from heart function to the risk of developing cancer, respiratory disease, and other conditions including damage to your sexual performance. 

This is because, nicotine, which is the addictive and toxic chemical that’s found in tobacco, is a vasoconstrictor that can constrict your blood vessels and restrict blood flow throughout your body. In a study published in the journal BJU International, researchers found that men who smoked showed ED symptoms that correlated significantly with their level of exposure to smoking.

High amounts of tobacco intake or substance abuse can drastically affect anyone’s sex life. For a detailed understanding, you may like to read the following articles: 

There are numerous rehabilitation centres available where one can get help to rectify such toxic habits. Hence, instead of shying away you need to just ask for help, the solution is always there.

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#10 Limit Porn Consumption 

It’s okay to watch porn occasionally, but when it turns into a major problem when it becomes an uncontrolled habit. There is a high chance of it negatively impacting sex drive, stamina and overall sexual performance. Some research has found a link between porn usage and decreased sexual satisfaction, an issue that could contribute to a reduced level of interest in sex.

#11 Erection Medications

The pharmaceutical medications available to combat erection issues can be of great help to patients. The FDA-approved vasodilation drugs or phosphodiesterase inhibitors, especially type 5 (PDE5); or even selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), are of great help in preventing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in men. However, they are all to be taken only under a doctor’s guidance.

#12 Male Enhancement Pills 

Usually termed as ‘sex pills’, male enhancement pills are nothing but certain supplements that claim to boost libido or sexual desire, improve sexual performance, and get a proper erection. Male enhancement pills are marketed as magical solutions for multiple sex-related issues, as mentioned below:

  • Increasing the penis size
  • Strengthen libido or sex drive
  • Increase sexual satisfaction
  • Stimulate healthy blood flow
  • Promote stronger erections

Technically, all of the male enhancement pills are considered as ‘dietary supplements’; most of which claim to be based on natural supplement ingredients like horny goat weed, ginseng, maca root, etc, that are needed to boost sexual desire, have greater orgasms, and reverse low libido, and so on. 

However, these penis enhancement pills or male enhancement pills cannot be considered the same as FDA-approved medications.

For further information, you may like to read Everything You Need To Know About Male Enhancement Pills.

#13 Stop-Start Technique 

A simple way to delay ejaculation is to use the stop-start technique. This involves having sex as normal until just before you reach orgasm, then either slowing down or stopping until the urge to ejaculate fades away.

Men may try the start-stop method of simply stopping and stroking or stimulating and then starting all over again after a break of a few seconds. This is nothing but teasing and extending the time of reaching the peak of sexual pleasure instead of immediately giving in to experiencing the orgasm.

Even though research on the long-term benefits of this technique has come up with varied observations, studies have shown that about 45 to 65% of men report short-term improvements.

#14 Squeeze Technique

Another effective way to delay ejaculation is the squeeze technique. The squeeze technique is similar to the stop-start technique, just that it involves squeezing the head of your penis just before you reach orgasm, then waiting for around 30 seconds for your body to gradually recover before continuing sex.

Depending on his level of sensitivity, a man may try the squeeze technique in addition to the start-stop method which may delay the orgasm bit longer than a few seconds. This particular technique involves stopping stimulation and squeezing the head of the penis for about 30 seconds, and then again starting from the beginning.

It may take some practice to be able to control orgasms. One may try to start with holding up to 30 seconds, and then gradually increase the period as one masters edging.  

#15 Lidocaine spray 

Just like topical creams, a lidocaine spray can help in prohibiting premature ejaculation by desensitizing the penis and decreasing hypersensitivity. Such sprays should be tried about 15 minutes before sex for the best possible results. 

Some potential side effects of such a spray may include temporary sensitivity loss and some difficulty maintaining an erection before intercourse.

#16 Follow Edging 

Edging is the practice of stopping oneself from reaching orgasm just when he or she is on the verge of having a sexual climax. It involves techniques of increasing sexual stimulation and then stopping just before the peak point of pleasure is reached i,e experiencing the orgasm, and then starting the buildup all over again. The “edge” is the point just before orgasm. It is also referred to as surfing, peaking, teasing, etc. 

It is done with the intention of making sex last longer, extending the feeling of an orgasm, and making the orgasm more intense. Edging allows one to explore his or her sexual pleasure and finish when it is absolutely right or perfect for that person.

For further details, read What is Edging in Sex?

#17 Thicker Condoms or Climax control condoms 

Many condoms are branded as “extended pleasure” or “delay” condoms. These are specially made to slow down the ejaculation. Some of these are thicker than regular condoms, while others are made of some numbing ingredients to reduce the physical sensation of sex. 

#18 Premature ejaculation wipes

They work by reducing sensation at the tip of the penis. These wipes contain benzocaine, a topical anaesthetic that is known to block the sodium channels that cause a sensation in the penis.

A 2017 study confirmed that participants who used these wipes for at least two months experienced less distress related to intercourse. The majority of participants also ejaculated well after the 2-minute time period that’s typical of premature ejaculation.

The participants also confirmed that the wipes were well tolerated with no heavy side effects. However, it is always best to talk to a doctor before trying these benzocaine wipes, as topical anaesthetics can cause more serious side effects in certain individuals.

#19 Topical creams

Many over-the-counter topical anaesthetic creams contain a numbing agent that can treat premature ejaculation by reducing sensation and delaying climax. These can be applied to a penis, about 10 to 15 minutes before sex for the most effect. A 2017 review found that topical creams helped to increase the time it took to ejaculate by a few minutes. Although generally well-tolerated, anaesthetic creams can cause:

#20 Improve Mental Health 

No matter how physically fit or healthy a man is, being stressed out can affect his libido to a great extent. Be it the daily hectic schedule or professional pressure or some personal life scenarios, certain things will always be there to put one under mental stress. From depression to sexual performance anxiety, a wide range of mental health concerns can have an impact on your sexual health.

While one research has found that depression is ‘associated with a significantly increased risk of premature ejaculation’; some research also suggests that women may be particularly susceptible to the effects stress can have on one’s sex life. Interestingly, men, on the other hand, may actually use sex to relieve stress. At times, such differences in the approach towards sex can cause conflict, which eventually leads to stress between partners. 

Meditation tends to help a lot in relieving mental stress. One may try doing things like tai chi or yoga, or some hobbies like gardening, pottery, etc. In case you seek professional treatment or therapy, you might have to take certain prescription drugs, in combination with different other options to help you overcome any psychological issue that’s affecting your sexual function. 

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