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15 Tips for Maintaining an Erection for 30 Minutes

How to Maintain Erection for 30 Mintues

Who doesn’t want it for a longer time? But not everyone is capable or prepared all the time. While some might be victims of some underlying medical condition, for some it might be just a side effect of some bad lifestyle habits. Hence we need some tips and tricks for maintaining erections for a longer duration. But whatever might be the case, no one should ignore his or her sexual wellness.

Most people fail to understand that sexual wellness is equally important for their overall well-being. Here we present to you some important factors to consider in order to gain longer erections. 

How to Maintain an Erection for Longer Duration?

We have multiple medicinal remedies to prevent cumming or early ejaculation or premature ejaculation, but let us start with the natural or non-clinical ways first; as we all tend to avoid taking medicines in the very first place to avoid medicinal side effects.   

#1 Yawn! Yawn! Yawn!  

Yes, you read it right! Yawn! The thing is, erection and yawning are controlled by the same chemical, nitric oxide. This compound is secreted in the brain and travels through the nerves that control mouth opening and breathing. In addition, this compound can also be channelled down the spinal cord to blood vessels that play a role in bringing blood to the penis.

Therefore, you can try to yawn occasionally before making love to help stimulate the release of nitric oxide which can make erections stronger and long-lasting.

#2 Have a good night’s sleep!

Adequate sleep is a daily obligation for overall body health. Well, it turns out that during sleep, the penis will experience an erection between three to five hours a night. These nightly erections are not without purpose.

The process keeps the penis healthy by filling it with oxygen-rich blood. The more regularly the penis has an erection at night, the more flexible penile tissue will be for erections. For further information, you may read Can Lack of Sleep Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

#3 Vasectomy 

This might not be an option to be preferred by many, but this does work. A vasectomy performed correctly has a 99.9% success rate. After an open-ended vasectomy, men can experience orgasms, maintain erections, and have the same level of libido and sexual drive. Many weeks after receiving a vasectomy, couples say they see a greater intensity and sensuality in their romantic interactions.

#4 Supplements 

It is a known fact that natural supplements do not fall under the same regulations as food and medications. It is important to keep in mind that various plants may interact with both prescription as well as over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and cause numerous side effects to the patient. Hence the a need for consultation with an authorized healthcare practitioner before using these ED supplements.  

#5 Tools like Cock Ring, Giddy, etc.

Cock ring can be of great help as blood is maintained inside the shaft of the penis by it. Venous leakage is a kind of erectile dysfunction that can be prevented with the help of a cock ring. Giddy is another cock-ring-like tool that is designed to treat ED by helping a man maintain stronger erections.

#6 Slow down while pushing

Corpora cavernosa or the long “erectile chambers” that run along the length of the penis might get subject to internal injury if being too aggressive or violent during intercourse. Although a slight rupture is not as problematic as a complete one, still it might lead to grave problems in the future, and hence one needs to slow down. In case of any internal bleeding, surgery is required within 24 hours of a total rupture.

#7 Keeping the Testosterone Level Normal 

Having a Testosterone check is a must! Erection issues might arise out of imbalanced testosterone levels. Now, although low testosterone can reduce your sexual desire or libido, it does not directly affect the mechanisms that lead to erections. Whatever may be the scenario, a thorough consultation with an authorized medical practitioner is always required whenever it comes to sexual problems. 

#8 Sex Toys 

Sex toys do work for many. Various sex toys like handheld vibrators, penis rings, butt plugs, etc., are of great help to bring excitement into the daily sex routine. Anal beads can be an interesting way to stimulate the penis, clitoris, or anus.  

#9 Bringing New Elements 

Whether it is a newfound spot in the home, role-playing, or new sex positions, you need to keep bringing newer elements into your sex life in order to keep it up. Unexpected or new elements or very small changes are capable of keeping the drive high, which eventually helps in long-lasting erections.   

#10 Other medical conditions 

Keeping other medical conditions under check is extremely crucial to have great sexual well-being. Medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., are immensely capable of ruining your bedroom performance like anything. Hence overall well-being is equally important.  

#11 Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor

A daily dose of exercise is required not just for overall fitness, but for also strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that eventually prolong the erections. You may read 5 Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises to Try at Home, for further assistance. 

#12 Eating Right 

As per the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a healthy diet which is rich in natural foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish, with fewer red and processed meat and refined grains, is likely to lower the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Simultaneously, a man needs to avoid foods that can harm his sexual capacity. For further guidance, you may read Worst Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

#13 Reduce Alchohol 

Taking a little bit of alcohol just to set the mood before sex is fine, but too much of it might eventually pull you down. For further information, read “How does alcohol affect a man sexually?” Hence alcohol consumption needs to be under check. Also, you should never take alcohol with any ED pills. 

#14 Cut Tobacco or Substance Abuse 

High amounts of tobacco intake or substance abuse can drastically affect anyone’s sex life. For a detailed understanding, you may like to read the following articles: 

There are numerous rehabilitation centres available where one can get help to rectify such toxic habits. Hence, instead of shying away you need to just ask for help, the solution is always there. 

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#15 Erection Medications 

Last but not least, the pharmaceutical medications available to combat erection issues can be of great help to patients suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. The FDA-approved vasodilation drugs or phosphodiesterase inhibitors, especially type 5 (PDE5); or even selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), are of great help in preventing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in men. However, they are all to be taken only under a doctor’s guidance. 


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