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Jelqing Penis Stretching Exercise: Does it Work?

Jelqing Penis Stretching Exercise

Jelqing: Penis Stretching Exercise for the Best Experience 

Most men across the world, are highly self-conscious about the size of their penis. They are of the opinion that their penises are of either average or below-average size. As per research, about 66 percent rated their penis as average, and 12 percent said they had a small penis. Interestingly, it is a bigger issue among them, than among women as most of them reported being happy with the size of their partner’s penis. 

It has been found that most men would definitely be interested in a way to increase the size of their male genitalia, that involves no surgeries or strong medications, and no extra cost. Well, of course, there is a solution to this. The solution is in the form of ‘Jelqing’. Let us have a closer look at the basics of jelqing.    

What is Jelqing Exercise?

Jelqing is a penis stretching exercise. It is a solo stretching exercise for penis enlargement and blood flow, and perhaps even a way to improve a man’s sexual experience overall. It involves a way of massaging tissues of a semi-erect penis and stretching the skin, so as to create ‘micro-tears’ that make the penis look engorged; post they heal. In simplest terms it supposedly makes your penis look longer or thicker.

Why do Jelqing? What is the purpose? What are the benefits of doing Jelging?

As per some research results published in Psychology of Men and Masculinity, half of the study men believed they could change their penis size via some non-surgical method. According to some of the more dubious claims out there, consistent jelqing can help: 

  • increase the girth of your penis when you’re flaccid and erect
  • increase the length of your penis when you’re flaccid and erect
  • make your penile erections last longer and harder 

All of these eventually help in boosting one’s self-esteem and help him in coping with self-consciousness or image consciousness as well as performance anxiety. 

How does one Jelq help in Penile Erection/ increase the size of the Penis?

The phenomenon of penile erection is based on the blood flowing into the arteries of the penis. The more the flow and the more it stays there, the longer would be the erection duration and of course, it would certainly increase the length of the penis to a certain extent. 

While someone is doing a thorough jelqing technique, what he does is a way of pressing these arteries, such that an increased amount of blood flows into them. Additionally, one may also stimulate the vessels to widen and maintain the proper structure that allows blood to flow freely. This allows a man to achieve a penile erection, much quicker and maintain it more easily. Thus, jelqing solves the issue of erectile dysfunction or erection problems in men. 

How to do Jelqing?  

Jelqing Exercise- Procedure Steps: 

  1. To start with, first one needs to get his penis in a semi-erect or fully erect position. 
  2. Applying some moisturizer would help the fingers to slide smoothly on the skin of the penis shaft.
  3. Next, one needs to wrap the thumb and index fingers around the penis shaft in a way that the hand looks like an ‘OK’ gesture.
  4. At this point, one needs to tighten the grip with one’s fingers that are around the penis shaft.
  5. Now, starting from the abdomen, one needs to slide down the hand towards the penis’s head.
  6. Slowly one needs to move the hand up towards the abdomen as he loosens the grip. 
  7. Repetition of step 4.
  8. Continuing the process for 10 to 15 minutes every day.
  9. One may even use traction devices if required. 

Note:- Before starting, one may apply some lotion or lube to the palm that will reduce friction. There are some specialty products available both online and offline for this purpose. 

Important Tips to Follow While Jelqing

  1. Put your thumb underneath your shaft, your index finger on the top of the shaft, and squeeze gently with both facing down (like you’re trying to pinch something).
  2. Using lube is a good safety precaution, but you may want to skip it if you find that it’s making you super hard or overstimulating your nerve endings. Just be careful that you don’t chafe or irritate the skin. 

Jelqing – Does it work? Does Jelqing really increase the length of your Penis?

Scientific research is still on, in order to establish a concrete relation between jelqing and increasing the length of a penis. Jelqing is still among the ‘unproven treatments’ that are mostly shared in online groups, blog posts, or perhaps between friends. 

Yet, it should be noted that jelqing is essentially a stretching exercise, working on a similar principle using pumps and extenders. More than eighty percent of men who are into a regular jelqing regime, experience a change in the penile length with an average 1-inch increase in the length of their penises and a 1-inch increase in girth. 

Here are some scientific works related to doing Jelqing with traction devices: 

  • A 2011 study said that usage of traction devices could increase penis length up to an inch if worn at least 9 hours a day for 3 months.
  • Another 2011 review of penile lengthening literature found that traction devices produced comparable results to surgery, recommending traction devices as a first-line treatment.
  • There is a 2013 review of studies that said that traction devices were effective in treating penis deformities, not making the penis longer or thicker.
  • Again a 2016 report advocated no significant effects of traction devices on penis length or girth, noting that more, larger studies are needed.

Are Jelqing results permanent? How long do the results last? 

The gains from jelqing are considered fairly permanent. But, if one stops doing it abruptly, then there is a high possibility that he might lose some thickness and length.

What are the possible side effects of doing Jelqing?

Jelqing is quite a safe method as long as one is not squeezing his penis way too hard that frequently; or too aggressively.

  • One needs to understand that being too aggressive can tear tissue or cause damage to the ligaments that connect the penis to the pelvis.
  • In the worst cases, this kind of damage can permanently affect one’s ability to get or stay hard.

Other potential jelqing side effects are as follows:

  • Bruising on the penis: Intensely stroking one’s penis without applying any lubricator can cause much bruising and scarring of the penis. 
  • Pain or soreness along the shaft affecting performance: The pain due to the continuous rubbing of the penis may impact the sex life as one would definitely not want to aggravate the pain and bruises. 
  • Skin irritation due to rubbing: There can be severe skin irritation or rashes due to too much rubbing. 
  • Scar tissue resulting from rubbing too hard: Jelqing works by causing micro-tears in the penile tissue, causing it to regenerate. In case the healing process gets slowed somehow, there would be increasing fibrous scarred tissues in the penis.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED): The vigorous rubbing can injure blood vessels within the shaft, hampering blood flow; which would again affect the erection. 

Caution Alert 

One should immediately discontinue the practice in case he experiences any of the following issues while doing or after doing a jelqing session:

  • pain or discomfort
  • itchiness
  • bruising or discoloration
  • red spots on your shaft
  • numbness or tingling
  • vein rupture

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