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Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercise for Men to Last Longer

kegel exercises for men

Yes, that’s right! Kegel exercises for men do help them to stay longer in bed and allow them to perform better and last longer in sexual acts.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a medical situation faced by numerous men, where they cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse or cannot last long during physical activity. ED can be treated with the help of doctor-prescribed medicines, vitamin supplements, exercises, and a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about exercises, Kegels for men may help them in multiple purposes, like erectile dysfunction, bladder control, preventing early ejaculation, and intensifying orgasms. So, let’s see what these Erectile dysfunction exercises are all about. 

What are Kegel Exercises?

Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) or pelvic floor exercises for men are also referred to as kegel exercises for men to help them stay longer in bed. They are quite helpful in combatting symptoms of ED. 

They concentrate on your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, known as your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles assist you with sexual function as well as supporting and holding your pelvic organs, such as the urethra, bladder, and intestine, in position.

Kegel Exercises for men and their impacts on Sex life

Some experts are of opinion that Kegel exercises provide sex-related benefits for men. 

  • Kegel exercises for erectile dysfunction and for premature ejaculation might men to have a better sexual experience, among other things, firming up their erection by increasing blood flow to their groin.
  • Kegel exercises for men can help them to regulate ejaculation by making it easier for men to consciously contract the muscles. 
  • According to some research, men who use erectile dysfunction exercises may be able to have more orgasms and feel more pleasure overall.

Kegel exercises for men only function when done in a correct manner, consistently, and while using the appropriate muscles. Kegel exercises for premature ejaculation were found to boost sexual stamina in roughly 80% of men, according to studies.

How to do Kegel Exercises to Last Longer?

Following are some ways of performing Kegel exercises for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

1. The gradual or slow Kegel 

  • Squeeze the pelvic floor muscles using the methods described above. After that, hold for five counts. Don’t give in to the impulse to hold your breath, even though you might feel the urge. Try to breathe properly instead, just as you would when performing other exercises.
  • After counting to five, make an effort to relax your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Moving slowly is essential. Squeeze and release the pelvic floor muscles deliberately and slowly.
  • After your pelvic floor muscles have relaxed, slowly begin to squeeze once more. Continue to alternate between squeezing and easing for a total of ten rounds. Continue even if it could be challenging at first.
  • At any moment, if you feel uncomfortable or fatigued between the ten cycles, then quit; do not continue.

2. The fast Kegel Exercise

  • In contrast to the slow kegel exercise for premature ejaculation, this one calls for you to quickly squeeze and release your muscles after holding them for a brief period of time.
  • Next, carry out this method ten more times.
  • Make sure you breathe normally while performing the workout.
  • If you find it to be too difficult, stop whenever you like.
  • You can gradually increase the number of reps.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing so you can perform these two exercises effectively. You might want to lengthen the time you hold the pelvic floor muscles after some practice. If it occurs, by all means, go forward.

3. Sitting on a chair Squeezes

  • Sit down in a chair and make yourself comfortable.
  • Attempt to squeeze your penis such that it feels like urine is about to leak out.
  • Hold for five seconds, then let go.
  • Repetition the process 7–10 times.
  • Aim for three sets

4. Lying on Your Back Squeezes Floor

  • Lie on your back with your hands on the ground.
  • After bending your knees, point them upward.
  • Pull in your penis and hold for five seconds.
  • Let go and make an effort to contract the anus muscles.
  • Act as though you’re attempting to halt a bowel movement.
  • Hold for five seconds, then let go.
  • Aim for ten repetitions in three sets.

5. Squeezes While Lying on Your Side–Floor

  • On the ground, lie on your side.
  • Spread a sizable pillow between your knees.
  • Squeeze your legs together once again, hold for five seconds, and then release.
  • Aim for ten repetitions over three sets.

Kegel Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

For early ejaculation, one can perform both slow kegel and quick kegel exercises. But it is advised to have a doctor’s consultation in the very first place, before starting with these exercises. 

One might initially have some sore muscles, and that is why he must start out slowly. With gradual repetition, it will become easier as one gets better at it.

Some Important Tips for Kegel Exercises 

(1) Look for the appropriate muscles: You can attempt to halt urinating in progress to do this. Your pelvic floor muscles are used in this activity. Kegels can be performed in any position once the pelvic floor muscles have been located.

(2) Improving technique: The best kegel exercise technique involves contracting your pelvic floor muscles and keeping the tension for two to three seconds. Then, unwind for three seconds before repeating it several times back-to-back. Feel free to perform kegel exercises for men to make them last longer when standing or sitting after your pelvic muscles become stronger.

(3) Manage concentrating abilities: Avoid flexing your thigh, abdominal, or buttock muscles if you want the finest results. Additionally, when performing these exercises, make sure to never hold your breath.

(4) Practice persistently: These workouts must be done daily. Attempt to complete three sets of 10 repetitions. The kegel exercises and strategies mentioned below can help you stay awake longer.

Advantages or Benefits of Kegel exercises for Men 

The top advantages or benefits of Kegel exercises for men are as follows:

  • Sexual advantages include extending the amount of time spent in bed, stopping early ejaculation, getting stronger erections, and having more intense orgasms.
  • Addressing prostate issues.
  • Managing urinary incontinence.
  • Helps control post-urination dribbling.
  • Effective Exercises for premature ejaculation

Kegel exercises for men strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, which can enhance male sexual experiences in a number of ways, including:

  • Increases the erections’ firmness
  • Aids in postponing ejaculations
  • Increases the pleasure felt during sex
  • Increases the number of orgasms that guys can experience

When to do Kegels?

You can incorporate Kegels into your everyday routine in a variety of ways. For instance:

  • When you perform a typical action, like reading a newspaper or brushing your teeth, try performing a set of Kegels.
  • To get rid of the remaining few drops of urine, perform one set just after urinating.
  • Engage your pelvic floor muscles before and throughout any exercise that puts pressure on your abdomen.
  • Keep in mind that, like any other muscle in your body, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles requires persistence.

When to consult a doctor? 

When performing Kegels, stop immediately if you feel any pain, discomfort, or a worsening of any negative symptoms. Kegels do not always work for everyone. 

If you have a urinary catheter or pelvic floor muscle disorder(s), you should avoid performing these exercises because they may have the opposite effect. It is best to first speak with a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to perform Kegels.

When doing these exercises for erection problems or premature ejaculation, always ask a doctor for the proper techniques of doing Kegels. This is crucial because if someone exercises the improper set of muscles, it could aggravate their erection and cause other issues.


Kegel exercises for men are incredibly helpful for men who are struggling with sex issues. In particular, guys who prefer not to rely on artificial means of extending their time in bed. For maximum results, Kegel exercises must be done consistently, correctly, and with a professional’s supervision.

Kegel exercises for men will benefit only when other precautions are taken, such as following a healthy lifestyle, eating a well-balanced diet, staying active, stressing less, taking medications on time, and following a regular exercise schedule. Follow all these with the above exercises to cure or prevent ED and related problems.

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