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What Penis Size is Preferred by Women? Does it Matter?

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All men and women have their own individual perspectives on how much ‘penis size’ matters and what the “ideal” penis size should be like. While there are some women who find a more petite fit is excellent and larger ones are uncomfortable; there are also some women who find that smaller fits just do not work for them and they badly crave bigger ones.

But the majority of women are fine with men who are in the average range. However, in the case of men on the extreme ends of very large or much smaller penis, they need to look for a partner who fits well with their size. 

Which Size is Considered as ‘Large’ for a Penis?

For all those who wonder what it takes to achieve a “great” penis, size is not the sole contender. Yet, to answer the query about dimension, some research says it is surprisingly at around 5.5 inches.

In a review published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy in 2021, researchers observed from the findings of about ten studies that measured the length of men’s erect penises and 21 studies that measured men’s stretched penises. The research stated that the average erect penis length was somewhere between 5.1 and 5.5 inches; a far cry from what many people expect.

They also stated that because of reporting bias, the actual average is probably on the lower end of this range. In other words, if your penis is longer than 5.5 inches when erect, you’re on the large side of average. 

So yes, thanks to mass media and porn, it’s easy to assume that a big penis measures in at eight, nine, or even 10 inches. But that’s not true in fact, it’s nearly a “half-truth” according to data. Six inches is more than enough to be “big” when it comes to penis size.

What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?

Although there is no universally accepted dimension for an “ideal penis size,” the research out there appears to indicate that women’s preferred penis size is anywhere from six to 6.5 inches. The average erect penis is 5.2 inches (13.1 cm) long, and 4.6 inches (11.7 cm) in circumference, according to a global analysis of 15,000 erect penises, published last year.

In a study published in the journal of PLoS One in 2015, researchers used a variety of 3D models to find out about women’s ideally preferred size for an erect penis; where they found that on average, women preferred an erect penis size of around 6.4 inches in length and five inches in circumference for one-time partners.

Furthermore, they also found that women also preferred a slightly smaller penis of about 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in circumference in a long-term relationship, compared with what they wanted in a short-term relationship; which means that the longer or stronger the relationship, the lesser they expect about the size of the penis. Interestingly, even about what women want when they purchase a sex toy, the results aren’t that different. 

Speaking of sex toys, another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, in 2017, was about the average size of sex toys purchased. It was found that the average length of sex toys purchased online was around 16.7 cm ± 1.6 cm, or 6.57 inches. The average circumference of 12.7 cm, or five inches, was around the same as the typical penis girth for adult men. Women’s preferred size in sex toys is usually the same as what they seek in terms of penis preference in a short-term relationship or long-term partner. 

As per the research, the “right” size of a penis differs from woman to woman, and both 11-inches and 4-inches offer women orgasms very much alike. The thing that people need to understand is that knowing the skill is equally important as knowing the preferred penis size. The study found that 3 inches (which is the threshold for a “micro-penis”) can equally aid an orgasm in women. Further, a large number of survey participants deemed girth to be crucial when it comes to experiencing rapture in the sack.

A study from the University of California and the University of New Mexico took 75 women, aged between 18 and 65 years, and presented them with 33 different-sized 3D penis models made of rigid, odourless (very considerate), blue plastic to “minimize racial skin-colour cues.”

The results found that the average preference was for a penis that measured about 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches in circumference. Whereas for a one-time sexual encounter, the average plastic penis the women chose was larger, measuring 6.4 inches and 5.0 inches in circumference. Of course, this would not go down well for most men, as the average male penis is 5.2 inches long and 4.6 inches in circumference, as revealed in a global study of 15,000 members. However, the same study says that only 2.8% of men have an abnormally small penis.

Researchers from the University of California and the University of New Mexico provided women with 33 different-sized 3D penis models made of rigid, odorless, blue plastic, to choose from, and observed that women prefer a slightly larger penis in a one-time sexual partner compared to a long-term partner. Earlier, women were to pick from 2D flaccid penises, so this is the first research to provide hard evidence that women’s ideal penises are slightly larger than average penis size.

In total, there were 75 women, aged between 18 to 65 years, in the study. On being asked about their preferred penis size in a long-term partner, the average response was 6.3 inches (16 cm) in length and 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) in circumference. For a one-time experience, the average plastic penis they picked was somewhere around 6.4 inches (16.3 cm) long and 5.0 inches (12.7 cm) in circumference. 

The women were also provided with a questionnaire about their past sexual experiences; where their responses included penises whose size ranged from 2.5 inches to 8 inches, in length. Some women also said that they had ended a relationship partly because of their partner’s penis size; of which 7% reported their partner’s penis had been “too large”, and 20% said it had been “too small”.

Nonetheless, penis-measuring research is neither an absolute parameter nor an exact science. The fact is even if a penis is not large enough, it can still deliver equally good results, and at times even a large penis can be disappointing. As mentioned above, the trick lies in skill and the kind of relationship shared with the partner. 


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