Erectile Dysfunction

Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction & Smoking

Erectile Dysfunction & Smoking

Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction & Smoking

Are you a chain smoker? Are you having trouble while performing in bed? If yes, then you should ascertain the association that exists between smoking activity and erectile dysfunction syndrome. A study has clearly indicated a linkage between smoking frequently and impotence, owing to the negative impact that smoking is exerting on the cardiovascular health of the individual.

Age is no barrier here, as smoking can induce ED in both the younger as well as the older males. Thus, smoking causes a greater risk of the occurrence of impotence in males despite of the age group they belong to. Smoking a cigar or cigarette quite a few times is not going to impact sexual health but when it is done on regular basis, and then it could seriously impact the sexual performance of the males on a long-term basis.

How smoking impact male’s erections?

Smoking is considered to be among the list of risk factors that can have a hugely negative impact on the capability of males to achieve firmer and sustainable erections. To achieve the harder erections, there has to be a sufficient amount of blood flow towards the penile region.

When an individual is smoking heavily for a prolonged period, then this is going to have an interfering effect with the erection mechanism. There are certain harmful chemicals and gases which are released from the smoke and these are going to demonstrate an interfering effect with the smooth blood flow.

Smoking & atherosclerosis

The smoking activity can also exert a damaging effect on the blood vessel’s lining of the individual resulting in an ailment known as, atherosclerosis, in which arteries get hardened and there occurs a contraction in blood vessels, hindering the smooth flow of blood through them. This condition can also impact the smooth muscle tissues which are required for carrying out the relaxation for facilitating the smooth flow of blood.

When such type of conditions take place, the volume of blood reaching to the penile area is reduced preventing the males to attain harder and stronger erections, which are required for appropriate sexual performance. Use Vidalista 60 or Fildena 100 for their Ed problem.

Smoking impact cardiovascular health

The sexual health of the male is dependent upon cardiovascular health. During the time of the sexual stimulation, it is the nerves that become responsive and send the signals to the blood vessel of the penile region to expand, for letting out more of the blood to flow in. When an individual is smoking on a frequent basis this is going to lead to substantial damage to the blood vessels thereby impacting the capability towards the responsiveness of them towards sexual stimulation.

As a consequence of which erectile dysfunction takes place. It is due to this reason that males who are heavy smokers are more susceptible to sexual dysfunction in comparison to the ones who are not. However, the good news is that this negative impact can be reversed, by kicking off the bad habit of smoking, and thus, a positive result can be achieved faster.

Impact of nicotine on sexual health

The nicotine which is present in the cigarette is also impacting the hormonal balance and the concentration of testosterone in the body. Due to the reduced level of testosterone hormone, there is a reduction in the libido and it can also lead to the in capabilities of males to achieve a desirable erection. Addiction of nicotine is extremely strong just like the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

When it is consumed on regular basis, it carries out an alteration in the brain that makes the individual crave for it much more. During smok, nicotine gets absorbed into the individual’s bloodstream and transported all throughout the body, thereby affecting the heart health, blood vessels, hormonal balancing along the functioning of the brain. All this leads to a detrimental effect on the sexual health of the individual.

How can you finally get rid of the habit of smoking?

The majority of the chain smokers are not capable of quitting smoking in just of single attempt. In order to quit smoking, they are required to put several of the attempts, before finally becoming successful.  Cenforce 100 and Tadalista have strong effects on impotence problem. Thus, for quitting the bad habit of smoking, multiple pronged strategies may work most appropriately for you. It is extremely relevant to communicate with your doctor about your existing health condition and your addiction to smok.

The doctor may recommend some of the smok cessation drugs along with the nicotine replacement strategy that might work for you. In order to become successful in quitting smoking, it is extremely important to carry out the addressing of both your addiction along with the habits and routines that are actually being carried along with it. With the right support and comprehensive nicotine quitting plan, you can easily kick off your addiction even when you have already tried before multiple times but seriously failed. 

Final words

A comprehensive & tailored smok cessation strategy is capable of addressing both the long-term as well as the short-term challenges that you might encounter while quitting smok along with carrying out its preventive relapse. Your specialist may come up with a smoking cessation plan which is tailored according to your highly specific requirements and precise smoking habit.

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