Does Breast Size Matter?

Does Breast Size Matter, Alldayplus

Does breast size matter? Boobs are just part and parcel of life. If you do not have boobs, then you may know someone who does, like your mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife or some other woman.

Boobs are a very controversial topic, even though half of the populace in the world has them. There are all kinds of conversations that take place about boobs, such as how much of boobs should be shown on the internet, how big should boobs be, and shouldn’t be, just casual conversations about boobs and the like. And it has even been suggested that for health, men should look at boobs of women more often.

1,000 Europeans and 1,000 Americans were polled to find out what might be the ideal breast size according to men and women, and then this was compared with the average breast sizes in America and Europe.

Women were even asked about the level of comfort they had with their bodies. Men and women were even asked if breast size mattered. Read on to get all the answers.

Breast Size Preferences

What is the average bra size in the world? When considering breast sizes of women, there are a number of ways in which an illusion can be created, of having bigger breasts. In America and Europe, the average breast size was C cup. Because of options like push-up bras and more complex and permanent solutions such as cosmetic surgery, women could choose how big and how visible they wanted their breasts to be.

Breast Size Preferences, AlldayPlus

But, is this called for? Women and men were asked what their ideal breast size was, and it was discovered that almost 54% of men and over 60% of women had a preference for a ideal breast size for 5’3 that was average.

In addition to this, 35% of men and 31% of women stated that a larger size of the breast was ideal, and only 11% of men and a little over 9% of women were of the opinion that smaller breasts were more attractive.

When you take into consideration the fact that bigger breasts are somewhat of a challenge, they cause back pain, and to support them, more money is involved, little wonder then why many women would rather have smaller breasts or breasts that are just average in size.

Is Bigger Breast Size Better?

Women and men were also asked to be a bit more specific and say which cup sizes they felt were more ideal for women. average bra size by age And though it could be felt that men are not at all in sync with the feelings and needs of women, they are as good as on the same wavelength with women when it comes to the size of the breasts of women.

Is Bigger Better, AlldayPlus

50% of the women who were polled felt that the perfect fit was a C cup. And almost 26% had a preference towards a B cup. Almost 2% said that they preferred an A cup.

Interestingly, men also stated that their ideal breast size was C cup. But, as compared to women, a slightly larger number of men had a preference for cup sizes that were D and DD.

Breasts: More to Love

Across almost the entire Europe, inclusive of the Netherlands, Austria, the U.K., Portugal, and Spain, both women and men agreed that the perfect fit was a C cup.

Breasts More to Love, AlldayPlus

The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery stated that in entire Europe, in the year 2015, the most number of surgical breast procedures, were carried out in countries like Italy, France, and Germany and these were inclusive of reductions, lifts, and implants.

The USA was way ahead of every country, with 540,000 procedures being done, and in Germany, more than 100,000 breast modifications were done, and this amounted to almost 4% of breast surgeries done all over the globe.

Like almost the entire Europe, these countries stated that they had a preference that women should have a C cup.

But, in Hungary and Poland, people had a preference for a B cup. Fildena 100, Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 is the best cure for ED in men.

Show Us What You’ve Got

It is not always that preference and reality are going to line up. Though women and men of most of the European countries showed a preference for a C cup, only those women from Poland, France, and the U.K., averaged that size. Also, what was very interesting to note was that women and men from Poland preferred a cup B.

Show Us What You've Got, AlldayPlus

The smallest breast size of any country was that of Hungarian women, which was A cup. The largest size, D cup, was that of Romanian women. Women who averaged a B cup, were those from Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Wishful (Breast) Thinking

It would appear that in most countries, the ideal cup size of breasts, was different from the average cup size. In Portugal, Hungary, America, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain, survey results showed that people preferred if women had a breast size of one cup bigger than what was the national average.

But, people of some countries preferred if women had breasts that were smaller than the national average.

Of all the countries that were studied, people from Romania and Poland stated that their ideal breast size was only a cup smaller, as compared to the national average.

Women and men from America and Europe preferred a cup size that was different from the average cup size. But yet, there were some from these countries, who were satisfied with the way the breasts were.

In France, Belgium and the U.K., women, and men stated that a C cup, which was the

average size was just ideal.

Breast Size Satisfaction

It can be tough to feel comfy in your body, what when there are so many advertisements which talk of how you can enhance the size of your breasts, permanently or temporarily. In spite of living a part of the globe where some women liked having a cup size that was different from what the natural size of their breasts was, women in the survey done were asked just how happy they were with the size of their breasts.

Breast Size Satisfaction, AlldayPlus

Amazingly, women in Europe and America, with A to DD cups, claimed they were very content with the size of their breasts. More than 74% of women from America, 76% of women of the U.K., and 84% of other women from Europe, who had a C cup, were happy with their breast size.

The women who were most likely to be unhappy with their breast size were those from the U.K., who had A cups. But just the opposite was seen for women in America. Only 22% of American women who had a DDD cup, felt comfy.

Of importance to note is that in recent years, many celebrities who have opted for breast augmentations, have later on undergone procedures for the reversing of these breast enhancements.

But in the U.K. and other countries in Europe, women who had bigger breasts were very happy with their respective E and F cups, which are the equivalent of the DDD cup of American women.

Personal Preference

After women were asked how happy they were with their breasts, their partners were asked to contribute about how they felt. The good news was that nearly 70% claimed that they were happy. Cenforce 200 is the best Cure for ED in men. As has been suggested by a relationship coach, partners enjoying the assets of each other and loving the way each other looks, can make both people feel good about themselves and their bodies.

Personal Preference, AlldayPlus

On the other hand, a little more than 20% of the men said that they were neutral about the breast size of their partner, and 9% of the men claimed that they were unhappy with their partners. Whether this implies their breasts were small or too big, is left to be seen.

Conclusion About Breast Size

In the end, there is no such thing as wrong or right, as far as breast size goes. Some women are just comfortable having smaller breasts, and these women may prefer to have smaller breasts, based on their habits, hobbies, or choice. And then there are those women who have breasts which are naturally bigger than other women. Yes, some women are just born with bigger breast size, and the truth is, that is just fine!

But, no matter what your Breast Enhancement Cream, what matters most is that you are happy and comfy with how your body looks – especially to yourself, not to others! Breast enhancements could also be the response that a woman has to her body image disorders or her insecurities, imposing upon her the pressure to look as busty and as ample as she can.

As was seen in the responses to the survey done, women and men both sometimes prefer a bigger breast size. But thankfully, more than 55% of women stated that they were happy with what their breast sizes were at the moment.

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