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Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Males. What are Lifestyle Causes for ED?

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Lifestyle causes of impotence in young men

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual ailment in which males are not able to attain sufficient erection that is required for sexual performance. This sexual dysfunction has become extremely common among a significant population of Younger Males today. The surprising thing is that it is also affecting the males belonging to the younger age group from all over the world. There is much evidence pertaining to the fact that impotence has started occurring in males who are even under the age of 40 years. This accelerated rate of impotence in the younger males occurred due to several of the reasons that are associated with their faulty lifestyle.

Thus, the problems with the lifestyle, consumption of exceedingly high alcohol, smoking, illicit consumption of drugs, and several other factors are known to increase the rate of impotence in the younger males of today. Due to all these factors, ED is impacting quite a significant number of males today, despite the assumption of people that it is commonly occurring in Younger Males.

Lifestyle factors that can cause erectile dysfunction in Younger Males

Let’s have a look at the factors that are related to lifestyle and how they impact sexual performance in Younger Males:


There is a close association existing between the occurrences of Erectile Dysfunction and having obesity. The younger males who have a higher rate of obesity than the normal ones have reported the issue of sexual dysfunction. Also, the occurrence of impotence is more prominent in males who are having the cardiovascular syndrome. When males try to lose weight by indulging in exercising and consuming a balanced diet, there is an improvement in erectile performance in males. Also, when a male is obese, there is found to be a reduced concentration of male sex hormone testosterone. This hormone plays a very crucial role in deciding upon the sexual performance of males. Thus, reducing weight has been found to have a direct positive impact on boosting the erectile performance of males.


Diabetes also has a detrimental impact on erectile functioning in Younger Males. This is due to the reason that it is having a hampering impact on the blood vessels, causing its constriction & blocking the flow of blood. This poses a hindrance in the flow of blood towards the penile tissues which are responsible for causing sexual stimulation and decide upon the performance of males in bed. thus, diabetes in younger males definitely enhances the risk of the occurrence of erectile failure.

Alcohol consumption

As far as alcohol is concerned, excessive consumption of it is detrimental to the sexual health of males. Although, the consumption of alcohol within the permissible limit does not hamper erectile behavior, however, when it is taken beyond the permissible limit, in excess, then, this is something that is affecting the erectile performance in young males both on a long as well as short term basis. Some of the men who are completely dependent upon alcohol were found to have a high occurrence of erectile failure. In a study that is carried out with a sample of hundred males, it was found that more than 70% of them were suffering from erectile dysfunction in major or minor form. Also, the individuals who were consuming alcohol greater than thrice a week were found to demonstrate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in comparison to the ones who does not drink at all.

Stress and performance anxiety

Many of the young males suffer from the performance anxiety while getting intimate with the partner. Many of them remain under high pressure of performing appropriately due to which they suffer from the issue of erectile failures, which first occur temporarily and then become a long-term problem. This is because when young males start worrying about their performance in bed, the situation worsens over a period of time, rather than being improved. Buy Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100 to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men.


Smoking regularly or consuming tobacco in some other form can also lead to several health issues that have a consequence on erectile performance in Younger Males. When smoking is done frequently, then it is constructing the vessels for the smooth supply of the blood even to the penile region. When there is a reduction in the smooth flow of blood to the penis, then young males face the issues of an inability to attain as well as sustain the erection that is required for the appropriate sexual activity. Although, it is quite difficult for men to quit smoking when they get addicted to it, however, if they are able to achieve success in quitting smoking then they will notice a considerable improvement in their erectile performance.

Drugs adversaries

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused due to the side effects of the consumption of certain drugs, whether it is prescribed or taken without the doctor’s advice. Drugs that can demonstrate the side effects and can hamper the sexual health of the males include antidepressants, anti-allergic, acid refluxing, or pain relievers like opioid drugs. These are just the examples of few drugs that can demonstrate adversaries and can lead to issues with erectile functioning in males.

But many others can have a detrimental effect on the sexual performance in young males. Thus, it is extremely important to consult a doctor and communicate about your specific health condition before starting upon any new drug, discussing all your concerns regarding it.

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